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Guide to Our Fees


New Patient Consultation - Adult £75
A full 30 minute appointment including a detailed examination of your teeth, gums and oral tissues (including oral cancer check). Standard X-rays are included and we take time to discuss your needs, any issues found and the options for any treatment required (written estimate provided). 
Routine Check-up - Adult
15 minute appointment to reassess teeth, gums and oral tissues £34.50
For light scale and polish (add £35). Total for examination & clean £69.50
Additional Hygiene (more in-depth scale and polish) from £65
Routine Check-up - Children
Examination, preventative advice and where necessary basic scaling and fluoride treatment:
Children 0-6 years £20
Children 7-12 years £30
Children 13-17years £35
Small intra-oral film, each side £10
Large panoramic X-ray (showing all teeth) £45
Prices vary depending upon the size of filling, complexity of positioning and materials used
Silver amalgam fillings, from £95
Tooth coloured fillings, from £95
Root Canal Fillings
Prices vary according to number of tooth root canals and complexity:
Incisor or Canine tooth, from £325
Premolar tooth, from £355
Molar tooth, from £455
Apicectomy, from £545
Surgical approach to correct old and failing root canal treatments
Tooth Restorations involving Dental Laboratory Work

*We do not like to compromise on the final cosmetic results so we use one of the top laboratories in the area (please bear this in mind if making price comparisons with other Practices using different laboratories)
Porcelain Bonded to Metal, from £695
Metal-free crowns, from £695
3 unit bridge, from £1950
Stick on 'Maryland' bridge to replace one tooth, from £725
Customisation*, from £225
(This is a technique whereby the patient visits the laboratory technician to match the new crowns or bridges to your existing teeth for an even more natural result)
Plastic partial denture, from £455
Metal based partial denture, from £695
Full upper and lower plastic denture, from £1800
Dental Implants
Implant, including the crown "tooth", from £2200
The price varies according to the number of implants placed and components used. We use quality implants and one of the best cosmetic dental laboratories in the area for optimal results. Your implant will be placed by Dr David Fox, who has qualified from the world-renowned Eastman and Tatum Dental Institutes, and is recognised by the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Oral Surgery. He takes referrals from other dentists across Herts and Bucks for the procedure.
So please bear in mind all implant treatment is not the same!

Carried out by a General Dental Council recognised Specialist in Oral Surgery, who takes regular referrals from other dentists for extractions.

The price varies widely - rising with increasing difficulty (broght about by more roots on the tooth concerned , it's position in the jaw etc). An accurate estimate will be given after examination by Dr Fox

Tooth Whitening, from £435
We recommend a customised home bleaching system which we have found avoids problems with tooth sensitivity which can result from in-surgery systems.
Sports Mouthguards, from
Price increases with more colours used

Please note these fees are a guide only. You will receive an accurate plan and estimate for your tailored treatment before you choose to accept and book anything.






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