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Dental Implant - Patient Case Histories

Dr David Fox has now placed hundreds of dental implants and at present our success rate is 98%! Many patients understandably want to keep to themselves the fact that they have had dental implants, though friends are likely to notice them smiling with new confidence! However a few of our patients have kindly agreed to reveal their new smiles on this page, to demonstrate the different possibilities with dental implant treatment. With our grateful thanks to them…..


Case History 1

Mrs M has had almost all of her upper teeth replaced using implants plus new crowns on her remaining teeth.

Mrs M says... "At my initial consultation with Dr David Fox, everything was explained in great detail. Questions were patiently and clearly answered and any apprehensions I had, quickly dissolved. I was told how the treatment would proceed, the timescale and the costs involved.

David and his staff have always been very friendly, helpful and caring. All treatments were carried out in a modern, well-equipped surgery. Every stage was meticulously executed - including colour matching of the implants.

I would not hesitate to recommend Dr David Fox and his team to anyone considering this type of treatment. It has made an enormous difference to my self esteem. After years of struggling with various crowns and bridges, I no longer have to choose from a menu the easiest dish to eat - I can now choose something that I like! I smile a lot more too!!"



Case History 2

Mrs Z presented with failing crown and bridgework replacing her upper back teeth. A denture had been provided which Mrs Z found socially unacceptable. Mrs Z has now had the missing teeth restored using 4 implants to replace 6 teeth.

Mrs Z says... "I have always had problems with my teeth and in early 2004 my dentist could do no more, and I could no longer live with the pain and gum infections. The only answer was to remove the bridges and crowns and extract most of the roots in my upper jaw. I was devastated.

At only 48 the prospect of virtually no upper teeth and having to wear a denture filled me with horror. My confidence was very low until my dentist referred me to Dr. David Fox to assess the viability of dental implants. I was very anxious, but David immediately put me at ease with his friendly manner. After a thorough examination David concluded that he could place 4 implants resulting in 6 teeth - a 3 unit bridge on either side. He gave me a comprehensive treatment plan including costs and timeframes and I went home feeling more optimistic. I had to seriously consider the costs involved, but eventually concluded that the work wasn't cosmetic so much as functional. I could live with a few wrinkles or cellulite, but the ability to eat, speak and smile with confidence was crucial to me.

So in April 2004 I had the remaining roots extracted and a temporary denture fitted. Around 8 weeks later I returned to have the 4 implants fitted. Naturally my mouth was sore for a few days, but within 2 weeks David removed the last of the stitches and I went off on holiday. Around 16 weeks later I had treatment to prepare for the bridges. Just two weeks after that they were fitted and I was able to wave goodbye to the denture once and for all. Brilliant. I could now eat, speak and smile with confidence again. Words alone cannot describe the elation which I felt.

I have now had my 'new smile' for nearly 6 months and am still overjoyed with the end result. In my opinion David is a true professional within his field and his job satisfaction is his driving force. I felt that he personally shared my elation with the end result and knew what a difference it was going to make to my everyday life. Thank you so much David"

During treatment (with implants)


Case History 3

Mrs W came to us with multiple failing teeth and bridges. The teeth were removed and replaced with a temporary denture which she was able to wear throughout the implant treatment. Once the implants had integrated we attached a fixed bridge. Afterwards Mrs W wrote to us saying how delighted she was with the results.

Mrs W wrote to us afterwards saying: "I am really delighted with the implants and my new bridge and crowns. They are so good that I forget most of the time that I have had it done, except when I remember to feel really pleased with my new teeth. I can smile quite unselfconsciously, which is something I haven't been able to do for most of my life! I especially want to say how grateful I am for your patience and all the work you put in to get it completely right."

During treatment (temporary denture)


Case History 4 - Mrs H

Mrs H wrote to us later saying “I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I had it done”…




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